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I'm Sujuane Smith (pronounced SOO-WON ). For as long as I can remember I've always been connected to the arts in some form. My absolute favorite thing to do as a kid (and as an adult too I must confess) was color in my coloring books. Thankfully I never grew out of that, because while in college I got my first break into the Fashion Industry through working as a Makeup Artist at a High End Cosmetic Company.

I never would have dreamed that that job opportunity would lead me to where I am now. Through my Makeup Artistry I birthed my Makeup & Hair Artistry business, 'SOO-WON', where Makeup Artists and Hairstylists come together to bring their talents to Weddings, Fashion Shows, Film, and the like.


S-Twice (S2), was birthed in 2018 and was created

to bring my unique fashion visions to life. I view clothing and accessories as Wearable Art and feel everybody should be a walking masterpiece.


S2 Gallery.

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